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Meetings, but made useful this time.

Your time is valuable. Stop wasting it in unproductive, unreliable, or unnecessary meetings.

Proudly powered by:

Use reliable videoconferencing is powered by Jitsi: a secure, flight-proven, open source videoconferencing technology that has been in development for more than 15 years.

Access directly from your web browser

No need to install anything! Jitsi is based on WebRTC, a technology that enables meetings to be held directly in your web browser.

Easy configuration

Jitsi has been praised to be among the most intuitive software to use and configure within the videoconferencing industry. Don't waste 15 minutes of your time finding out how to make that damn microphone work anymore!

High Definition, Encrypted video

The combination of the Jitsi technology with powerful, high-bandwidth servers based in Europe enable us to provide you with a High Definition video stream, automatically encrypted by using the encryption mechanisms of WebRTC.

Make your meetings

Stick to the meeting's agenda

Plan the agenda of the meeting in advance so that everyone knows why they're here and what needs to come out of this meeting. During the meeting, keep everyone aware of the current status of the meeting by checking the agenda items when they're completed.

Access attachments easily

Ever lost 10 minutes in a meeting trying send a PDF document or PowerPoint presentation that your colleague needs? Upload your attachments directly to the meeting's sidebar so that everyone can access them easily.

Respect people's time

Meetings automatically start on time and only last for the duration everybody agreed on. A countdown is continuously shown to the participants to push everyone to make the meeting as short as possible. When time runs out, the meeting automatically ends and everyone gets kicked out of the room, no overtime possible.

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Plan & Manage
your meetings efficiently

Manage your meetings in one place

Meetings should only be held when you cannot do otherwise. Discuss, Plan, Access, and Review all of your meetings from one single, easy-to-use interface.

Agree on the right time and delegate if necessary

Connect to your colleagues' calendars to automatically determine the best time to plan a meeting. Don't want / cannot attend a specific meeting ? Simply delegate your presence to someone else in one click!

Access the output of your meetings

Want to remind yourself of what has been decided at a specific meeting? Couldn't attend? Access a detailed summary of the meeting and learn about who was there, what has been discussed, and what was its output directly from your dashboard.

Finally achieve something with your meetings

“The longer the meeting, the less is accomplished.”
– Tim Cook (Apple CEO)
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